Argentina - Coal By Chufie
by Robin Barnes

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
The railway taking coal from mines at Rio Turbio 225 Km eastward across Argentinian Patagonia for shipping at Rio Gallegos did not open until 1951. For a short period prior to that date, it was carried, on roads which scarcely could be described as such, by a fleet of 100 steam dumper trucks built by Sentinel of Shrewsbury, in England, maker's numbers 9402 to 9501 of 1950. Possibly the very last of their kind produced, they were known locally as "Chufies" and must have made a remarkable sight as they travelled in convoy, steaming across the empty landscape. They appear to have functioned well enough, but had the drawback of having consumed much of the load they were carrying by the time they completed their journey. Just one survives, presently lying at Rio Turbio, but a sure candidate for restoration.
Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History  Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
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