A few words about Robin Barnes

Looks like the boys have had a heavy night out
Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History

Seen here the morning after at Taronga Zoo, Sydney - a 'must visit' even if you're not a zoo person. And to make certain there's no confusion, I'm the one wearing the shades.

Childhood in the 1940s, in a home night and day within the sight and sound of the steam railway, a busy main line to one side, and a wonderfully creaky colliery line, visible from the bedroom windows, to the other, made a lifelong interest in railways almost an inevitability. Maturity expanded that into a wider interest in the history and development of railways the world over, whilst many years spent in the civil aviation industry broadened horizons in other diverse directions. The study of recent European history (late 18th Century onwards) nowadays I find absorbing, although I make no claim, at least as yet, to profound understanding. As to this website, its purpose I see being simultaneously to enlighten and to entertain.