Robin Barnes - Railway Art and History

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
The two Class 66 2-6-4T locomotives, completed at the famous Henschel works in Kassel during 1955, were the last new steam locomotives built for the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB). On a light 16 tonne axleload, able to run at 100 km/h equally well in either direction, throughly modern in every detail and blessed with a particularly free-steaming boiler, they proved a fitting finale. Germany over the years produced many fine steam locomotives, and was a considerable influence on design in other countries, but these two comparatively small tank locomotives perhaps were finest of all. They proved to be cracking performers, able to compete on equal terms with much larger and more powerful locomotives, often described concisely as 'Kraftpaketen' a word which scarcely requires translation. The second, 66 002, presently is to be found at the DGEG Bochum-Dahlhausen museum, near Essen, and is now the subject of 'Projekt 66 002', an appeal to raise money for its return to working order, which surely is something greatly to be desired. For more information, go to
Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History  Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
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