Railway Art and History: Valencia, Spain
by Robin Barnes

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
Well into the nineteen-sixties a sight such as this remained common on the 1674 mm gauge Spanish national railway system (RENFE). Pictured here is one of the two semi-roundhouses located not far from Valencia's Termino station, in which are visible (left to right), 4-6-0 230.2031 (Hanomag 1901, former Norte 1901), 0-6-6-0 Mallet articulated 060.4007 (Henschel 1928, Central of Aragon 67), 0-8-0040.2475 (Hartmann 1907, Norte 2565), a second Mallet 060.4004 (Henschel 1927, Central of Aragon 64), and 0-4-0T 020.0231 (Couillet 1885, Madrid-Zaragoza 601), the shed pilot. The variety of types and builders may seem remarkable, but equally so is that nearby, though out of picture, were licence-built Garratts then no more than three years old.
Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History  Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
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