Robin Barnes - Railway Art and History

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History

Around the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, the portable circular fairground railway (about 40 ft, or 12.19 m diameter), normally largely contained within a 'tunnel', enjoyed a brief popularity in Britain. Champion, pictured here, ran on track of 2 ft 4 in (711 mm) gauge, and so tight was the curvature that its axles were arranged radially, as shown below. The diagram on the next page shows the left side of the locomotive, which largely hidden from public gaze, carried all the 'works' and lacked the gorgeous decoration of the right, seen in the painting above. Little is known of Champion, but probably it dated from about 1895 and may have been by the Leeds locomotive builder T. Green.

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History  Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
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