Great Britain c1937

Robin Barnes - Railway Art and History

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History

This 3000 hp Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo twin unit steam turbine electric locomotive was intended to haul fast passenger trains non-stop over the 400 miles (644 kilometres) between London Euston and Glasgow Central stations, parts of which route north of Lancaster are severely graded. A veritable box of tricks, it was to have had "100 percent service reliability", which surely nothing short of divine intervention could have brought about. The claim was never put to the test, as a combination of concerns over cost and the looming war clouds over Europe resulted in the project's cancellation.

LMS Derby 1937 Length 104 ft la Mont boiler at 800 psi Coal 8 tons Water 1200 gallons (boiler); 2000 gallons (condenser) Grate area 50 sq ft (hand fired)

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History  Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
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