Robin Barnes - Railway Art and History

Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History

In George Henderson's Triplex concept, the otherwise wasted weight of the Mallet-type's tender was made use of by placing beneath it a third engine unit. The first example, pictured here, was Erie Railroad 5014 (Baldwin 41308 of 1914), which, with two similar examples added in 1916, pushed freight trains up the steep and winding Susquehanna Hill to Gulf Summit for fifteen years. Although the trio suffered from a number of design weaknesses (which it might well have been possible to eliminate), they 'did the job', unlike the only other Triplex, Virginian's No.700, which saw little use and after five years was dismantled to provide parts for a 2-8-8-0 Mallet and simple 2-8-2.
Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History  Robin Barnes, Railway Art and History
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